Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Collision Course!

Having participated in this workshop may give me a biased view. That being said, I think this workshop, and particularly this DVD is a product of enormous value. I had the honor of presenting my Combative Mobility material along side of Jon Hinds, John Brookfield, Mark Philippi, Mike Mahler, and Dylan Thomas. Each of these men alone would provide solid material that would enrich the participants knowledge by light years. Together, the diversity and richness of this DVD places it in a unique position in the world of conditioning and strength.
The DVD follows a format of uninterrupted delivery by the presenter. What you see is what you get. Watching this is like being there, but the best part about the DVD is that you get to see it over and over, and over. You can ingrain the technology into your methodology and reap the benefits. In some ways, the DVD is an enhanced version of the presentations. The picture is always clear, the audio is good, and you can pause and take notes. It's an ideal situation.

Each of the presenters had a specialty and here is an overview of my impressions.

John Brookfield's material on Rope Training was solid, clean, and showed how a simple tool and simple drills, with expert instruction provide mind numbing levels of exhaustion and huge gains in conditioning.

Mike Mahler presented a piece on optimizing hormone without drugs. It was a powerful chunk of advice and full of training tips, techniques and strategies that will enhance the quality of life and improve recovery by leaps and bounds. Mike can produce results in himself and in his online client base. He pulls no punches in the "Life Life Aggressively" style.

Jon Hinds' Monkey Bar Gym "method" blew me away. If you only bought the DVD for this portion alone, you would be a better, stronger, athlete, period. He provided so much material and had it organized so well, it was worth the cost of the weekend. I can tell you without a doubt, this presentation changed my game. Jon can change athletics as we know it and I know your game will change. I promise that.

Mark Philippi is one of the World's Strongest Men. We used his facility to train at. It is a playground of epic proportions for a strength nut or conditioning junkie. For the average person it is a place to learn how to be better, stronger, and more durable. His presentation was a pleasant surprise. Many came into this workshop wondering what they could take from such a strong man that they could apply to their training. Mark showed everyone that not only is he strong and a great competitor, but a World Class coach as well. He had a detailed presentation that was spiced with strongman lore and competition stories that wove a fabric of template design, lifting technique, and training variety. It was an outstanding piece of work.

Dylan Thomas is a highly ranked Aikijujutsu practitioner. I consider him my brother in the arts. Dylan is a professional trainer and one of the most talented people in terms of applying fresh material to kettlebells and conditioning. He originally planned on training Special Forces Warriors with his material but found out that soccer mom's and average Joe's were the more consistent client. His material meshed and his presentation motivated. Anyone in the North East United States would be lucky to have Dylan teach them, train them, and drive them towards new levels of strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Finally Mike Mahler returned with some ingenious, new, material for kettlebell training. He practices what he preaches and exhibited raw power that left onlookers shaking their heads in disbelief. These powerful tools that Mike chose to share will stick with you for the rest of your life.

I won't comment on my portion of the workshop, I'll let my peers and reviewers do that. Simply stated, I taught material that works, and I demonstrated WHY it was taught on not just HOW.

If you've been saving for a big purchase this year,, make it this DVD. It's simple going to improve your game for years and years to come. It's not just kettlebells, it's about strength, mobility, endurance, and diversity. It's Collision Course.
Buy it